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My name is Ron.  I am 35 years old.  Resident of Iowa. 
July 05 Issue.  Arrest of me and removal of my children.
 On July 7/05, my children reported to myself and my fiance, Jennifer,  that my ex wife and her husband had taken nude photos of one another on a camera cell phone.
Their step father had then tricked my daughter into viewing one of her mother nude waist up and forced my son to view one of himself ( step father ) fully nude.  Both were posing on my son's bed.  My daughter said it happened in March but my son thinks it may have been around May 2005.
I contacted Katie Voegele, a social worker with Four Oaks in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Katie came to where we were staying, with a friend while some work on our house was getting ready to be done.  4pm July 7/05.  Katie spoke with the children and they explained the whole situation.  They said they did not want to return to Missouri to their mother's home.
Katie returned July 8/05 approx 8am.  Katie placed call to DHS in Cedar rapids, Iowa.  DHS had her call Missouri, the number was to the hotline.
Christine Steele from Missouri DSS requested the case. ( I'll get to that ).  C. Steele called me on my cell phone and told me that her and officer Jason Lene from the Kirksville Sheriff's Dept. were going to their home in Novinger Missouri to discuss the situation with them.
C. Steele then called me back and said that the children could not be returned to the home due to unsanitary conditions ( a pattern  in my ex's home since 2001 ) and proceeded to describe conditions to me.  She then said they could not be returned due to the allegations from the children. 
C. Steele demanded I bring the children to Missouri to live with my ex's mother, who is approx. 2 blocks from her daughter's home.  I told Steele I would not do this as I was custodial parent and had the primary custody of the children and her parents were non custodial and I would not break the court order, but if she got a court order that I was to bring them there, then I would comply.  She told me that my ex had agreed to the no contact of the children.  She then told me to call Jason Lene and talk to him about this on a certain date, I tried to do this and Lene was not at work that day.  I left many messages with dispatch and also at one point talked to Officer Salsberry, who had Lene contact me.
Lene said same thing that C. Steele had said, wanted me to return the children to Missouri to my ex's mother's home.  I told him the same thing I told Steele about the court order.
I contacted Mary McEniry, the now former ombudsman for children in Missouri.  She had me fax a copy of the order to her on custody.  She contacted me back and said that I was correct that I could keep the children in Iowa.  She stated she would contact Steele and make this well known to her that I was in fact custodial and could keep the children, by e mail.
McEniry did do this on July 12/05.  *** In the reports, it states by Steele that she was not aware of the custody order.  This is not true.  I provided a copy of that order to that office in May 04 by fax, again in person during a grievance meeting with the office director, Kyle Kendrick and Steele's supervisor, Deb Ziebarth and went over this order with them.  I had filed a grievance on Steele for a blatant lie she had said in one of her written reports and I had proof she lied. Steele did not attend this meeting for some reason. 
I had also addressed the issue to Steele many times in 2004 that I had the primary custody of the children, joint legal/joint physical with my address as the children's address.
C. Steele called me back again and said that she was setting up a forensic interview of the children through DHS in Iowa.  This worker from DHS later contacted me and had set up a forensic interview at the child protection center at St. Lukes Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for July 13/05.
I took the children to the interview, Katie Voegele also attended for support and if they needed anything from her.
I spoke with the forensic team and social worker, Becky Grabe.  It was the team's understanding from C. Steele's statements to them, that my ex wife had full custody.  She did not.  I provided a copy of the correct and current order to the team.  They were baffled as to why C. Steele told them my ex had the full custody.  I explained some of the background history with the issues of DSS in MO. leaving my children in this neglect, abuse and sexual abuse since 01.
They proceeded with the forensic interview.  I do have the copy of the video tape of this.  They interviewed my children separately.  Children told them of the abuse and other abuses as well as the cell incident.  They both stated they wanted to live with myself and my fiance, and that our home was safe and that their mother has tried to make them lie about us in the past to DSS.
Our friend we were staying with was on leased housing and could only have guests for a week.  We started to stay with a friend in Marion, Iowa at a trailer park. 
On July 15/05 we got a call from a neighbor friend of ours that ran into my fiance's son a couple days before.  He said someone broke into our house and had left the back door open and he had shut the door.  Unknowingly, he shut in stray cats that had come into our house.  We had cats of our own that were well taken care of.  ( see Katie's letter on our house ).
July 16/05, I went to the house to see what had happened with the break in.  I did not even get inside of it.  I was surrounded by police cars from Cedar Rapids, Police Dept.  on the street and alley beside our house.  I was arrested for parental kidnapping on a Missouri warrant.  My car was then impounded apparently.  I am not sure why they impounded my vehicle because it was on my street across the alley where we often had to park it anyway.
In the meantime, police were at our friend's house getting the children.  I don't know how they knew the children were there with my fiance, I never told them where they were at. 
My children were very upset, my daughter crying.  An officer asked my fiance what was up with the house and the cats.  My fiance didn't know what he was talking about, he never said anything about the inside of it etc.  We did not know about the strays inside either.
My children begged police not to take them and my daughter told them that my ex wife did this to me several times and no one would listen to them and they were tired of the abuse and did not want to go back, but wanted to stay with us.  Police took them away.
Upon my arrest, I was denied counsel by Tiffany LaBeth from the Kirksville, Juvenile Office.  She said only my ex was entitled to counsel.  She told this to Jennifer as well as myself.  Jennifer KNEW this was inaccurate and told LaBeth if she did not give us the papers to fill out she would seek a civil rights attorney.  LaBeth re called Jennifer and told her she found out she was right and got the papers faxed to me at Hy Vee on 1st Ave.  I got them back to her immediately, same day by fax.
While this was in process, there were hearings held on my children without me being present, in Missouri and without me having counsel.  The atty appt. to me was appt. the day of the adjudication hearing.  The Juvenile Office made false accusations on me, that I was emotionally and verbally abusive to my children and was mentally unstable and unable to care for the children.
NO psych eval had ever been done on me prior to this.  I have NEVER been made party to any investigation on my children by DSS and there are no police reports where I have hurt my children or my ex wife, even when we were married. 
However, there is a DSS report which states that my ex wife and her husband verbally abused the children.
Later, the emotional abuse was stated by them because I was taking this issue back to court in a civil motion to modify.  I did this because my ex wife's continued pattern of abuse of the children.  As their father, I love them with all my heart and I cannot sit and leave my children in this environment.
If I knowingly leave my children in this and do not try to do something, I am liable in Missouri for contributing to child abuse and child endangerment because I knew about it and did nothing.  It's a catch .22
My ex's husband tried to appeal the sexual abuse allegation that was founded by DSS in Missouri.  The Child Abuse and Neglect Review Board upheld the decision that this did happen and that he did do this to my children.  ( See the letter ).
I went to Grand Jury in Dec. 05 on the kidnapping charge and they said I was innocent.  ( see the letter on this ) from the proseucutor, Mark Williams.
My children were not returned to me, they had been transported by Steele's supervisor, Deb Ziebarth to Missouri into foster care there.  They found my ex's mom's home unfit due to the children telling DHS workers that my ex's mother was abusive and would grill them about the accusations and punish them for telling ( a pattern in their home as well ).  Children are punished for telling what goes on in their mother's home.
The judge that was involved in my arrest ( see the letter that is hand written ) Judge Lewis, eventually placed the children back with their mother this year permanently.  ( see the order from 06 )
Upon my arrest, we lost our home as my fiance was awaiting her SSI to come through for physical disabilites and it had not kicked in yet.  I lost my schooling for Fire Sciences at Kirkwood College.  I was close to graduation.  I cannot go back because I have to pay off the student loans first as I was going on a pell grant and loans through Sally Mae and other loans from the Gov't. 
I am also on the child abuse and neglect registry in Missouri due to the adjudication on me that was false.
I have taken a psych eval and so has my fiance.  They turned out great.  I am not this person that DSS and the JO said I was and I am not mentally unstable per their statements.
C Steele :
I have had issues with this worker in the past.  She has tried to have me arrested several times by making up things that were not true.  She continued to do this throughout the court proceedings, juvenile court AND the civil motions to modify.
1. 2004: Put in her report my phone was disconnected on July 8/04, she said she called it twice after my ex told her it was disconnected.  This would have violated the court order as each was to have a phone in their home.  My ex did NOT have a phone in her home and I had to call her mother's home to contact her.
FACT: It was not disconnected.  I placed 3 long distance calls that day, one to my ex wife at her mother's home.  I filed grievance on worker for the lie that could have gotten me arrested for violation of the order.  I produced the copy of my bill to Kyle Kendrick and Deb Ziebarth.  Steele did not attend this meeting.  I sitll have copies of this bill.  ( see the other web site,
2.  Steele put in a written report to Judge Russell Steele during the court proceedings that I was arrested in 2003 and had plead guilty to parental kidnapping. 
FACT:  No such charge exists in 2003 and I have never plead guilty to such a charge.  Mary Clark, DSS another worker on the case of my ex and who attended team meetings, KNEW this was not true as even the ombudsman contacted them and told them it was not true and wanted the vicous rumore stopped.  Ombudsman even wrote letter to me on my behalf for court and the judge, Lewis would not let me admit it as evidence ( I'll get to that ).
3.  July 04: C. Steele contacted prosecutor, Fusselman in Randolph County and told him I hindered supervised exchange of the children with DSS. 
This led to an arrest warrant to be issued and I had to fight it. 
I contacted Harry Williams, DSS atty in Jefferson City and he looked into it and found I was correct.  He had to call the local DSS office where Steele worked, 3 TIMES to get them to send a letter to me, prosecutor and my public defender that this was in fact not accurate.  ( see those letters also ).
I do not know why C. Steele and that office does this to me, but they give my ex wife preferential treatment.  When kids were taken in July 05, they did home study on my ex's parents but never did one on ANY of my family, who live down there also, even though my mother called Mary Clark and asked to be evaluated for placement of my children twice.
There are some other documents that pertain to Steele that I found interesting as well over this.
Google Search: Mike Waddle.  He is no longer with the JO in Kirksville, he got into trouble for civil rights violations and making up abuse in a Christian Academy down in MO.
Waddle was also involved with C. Steele over the removal of my children in 2005.  ( see the odd report on this ).  Just before he quit the JO.
These agencies down there violate your rights repeatedly with no regard for the laws of the state or the constitution. 
I just want justice for my children, to have what I have lost replaced with enough compensation to hire an attorney to fight this issue for my children, to get them out of that home and get them safe.  This has cost me everything, including my children.
Thank you for your time in this.
Sincerely, Ronald Murray Jr. and Jennifer Polton.

Never Give Up Hope