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Enigmas Matrix 2

Bond Info From Missouri

Letter to Chelsea April 23 / 07
Apr. 6/07 To Chelsea from Dad
March 22 2007 message for Chelsea
More of our house Feb 21 / 07
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Past Letters To Chelsea
More Letters To Chelsea
Kayela convicted of animal abuse 2006
Valentine Card Chelsea 07
Brandon's Valentine Card 07
For Chelsea
About The Arrest
Bond Info From Missouri
Photos of children and me
Missouri Prosecutor Statements
Iowa Dist. Court Documents
IA Police Forensic Interview of Children Report Pages 1-5
Links to pages of important documents on case
Contact Me

My address listed on this paper was NOT my correct address.  They have 521 18th St. SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
My address was 389 15th St. SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
I do not know where they got the 521 address from.  I've never lived at that address and do not even know if there is such an address.

Bond Info From Missouri

Never Give Up Hope