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More of our house Feb 21 / 07
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Apr. 6/07 To Chelsea from Dad
March 22 2007 message for Chelsea
More of our house Feb 21 / 07
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Here is more of our house, posted Feb 21 / 07. 

Chelsea, this is the windchime I told you I bought for your a few months ago.  It reminded me so much of you.

Chelsea's windchime I bought for her months ago.

When we first moved in, this was a boarded window.  The prior tenants had ran over a rock with the mower and it sailed through the window.  I love this window.  It's my favorite part of the whole house ( besides the kitchen ;-) )

Our new window and living room.

Another window in our living room.

We started to paint when we moved in but it got cold so we are finishing everything this spring so we can have the windows open for the fumes.  There are 3 more layers that will go on this base coat.  They are of oranges and red shades.

Part of our kitchen.

Another Part of our kitchen.

There was this wall paper that reminded me of XMAS paper.  I wasn't very fond of it.  So we have to finish taking this down too, it's like wall paper over some kind of panel under it, very old I think. 

This is a summer sink, it's a sink for veges etc..

Sonny's XMAS gift was an electric guitar and amp with all the gear.  His dad got him the gear and I got him the guitar / amp and stand.  Very cool thing, he is very good at it.

Sonny's guitar

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