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Message For Chelsea March 22 / 07 6:57 am.
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March 22 / 07  7:00am.
Hi Chelsea,
How are you doing?  Getting worried we haven't heard from you in days now.  Are you ok?  We hope so.
Haven't been able to re charge the calling card, we had to replace the clutch and now the water pump is out in the car...sheesh.  Got the pump but need to get a special tool to remove another part to get to the pump and no one has one in yet...we are going to rent it.
It was 70 degrees here yesterday but rainy.  I can handle rain.  LOL.  Sonny is home sick with stomach flu, it's going around school.  YUK.
I been playing a video game that's pretty cool on the computer.  Other than that, not much else happening here. 
BJ says hi, he is getting ready for school and is playing some game on the PS2.  Multi
Here is your dad...he wants to write something to you too...I'll change the font color.
Hi Chelsea it's dad.  How are you doing?  How is school going?  I looked up online and see you have spring break coming up in April.  Are you doing ok?  I am worried about you because haven't heard from you in a while.  I hope you are ok.  Here is my e mail address in case you don't have it.
Send me an e mail if you can find time so that I know you are ok.  I miss you so much and love you so much.  How is Brandon doing?  Tell him hello from me and that I love him too and miss him a lot too.
Love you both and miss you so much.  Love, Dad.
Here is Jen back.
Hi again Chelsea,
Well, I will close for now and will talk to you later.  Toss me an e mail when you can.  Love you tons and heaps.  Miss u.  Tell Brandon hi too from me.

Never Give Up Hope