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Dear Chels,
Hi how are you doing?  I haven't heard from you in a while.  Is everything ok?  I got my scores back from school.  I have 111% on my law class.  I don't have the scores back on my other things yet.  So, I'm doing pretty well so far.
Easter is Sunday, we have Easter cards for you and Brandon and I'll have Jen upload them to here either tomorrow or Sunday. 
Sonny went to his dad's for Easter break and BJ hasn't decided yet what he's going to do for Easter. 
We'll probably color eggs later today if BJ wants to.  Jen made a pillow for me, it's got fire fighter stuff all over it.  I really like it.
One of the cats went into labor the other day and we ended up taking her to the vet because the kittens were too big for her to have.  They were premature, but HUGE, so she had to have a c-section done.  The vet said she purred the whole time she was at his office but none of the babies made it, sadly.  She's doing pretty good though and is eating and drinking ok. 
How's school going for you?  Hope well. 
Did you get the e mail we sent with the calling card numbers in it?  We sent it days ago.  Send us an e mail if you didn't get it. 
How is your brother doing?  Hope all is well with him too.
Write soon..Love you and miss you lots.

Never Give Up Hope