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Letter to Chelsea April 23 / 07
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Dear Chelsea,
I sent you an e mail yesterday about your dad, but in case for some reason you are not checking mail or something and didn't get it, I am writing this here.
In 2002 your dad was in military in boot camp and came home sick.  The military found he had "reactive airway disorder" not asthma. 
Your dad took a trip to ER and scans were done on his lungs, he was found to have bronchitis but the bronchitis did not explain the pain he had.  They found a spot on one of his lungs and did not know what it was. 
A second scan done later, they said the spot was gone, but I now wonder.
In 06 Your dad was in and out of the hospital with more chest pain, his heart was enlarged, they thought it was viral or stress because stress makes this aggravated ( the chest pain ).
They first thought it may be appendics but the scan showed it was healthy looking, but during the scan they part of your dad's lungs on this scan and it was not normal.
They did another scan and found "granular nodules" in his lungs and no clue what they were.  A ton of these nodules were present. 
Your dad was in and out of hospital with this on more occasions ( chest pain ).
Your dad has been hurting again ever since the issues you called us about and is very stressed.  ( Not your fault ), he's frustrated with the system and worried about you since we have not heard anything from you.
This last Thursday, your dad headed to his law class at the college and was really awful looking before he left and holding his chest.  He was gray in color as well. 
He left class early and went to the ER room, they did another scan and found the nodules again.  The nurse forgot to tell Ron the cardiologist wanted to see him this coming week immediately. 
I had your dad call the hospital to find out more about these nodules and the scans etc. and they told him about the cardiologist wanting to see him next week, insurance or not.
Your dad has an appt. on Wednesday with the cardiologist.  I'm sure they are going to run more tests on him and find out what these nodules are.
I web searched them and some can be cancerous and some aren't.  Either way, treatment depending on where these things are located, is chemo therapy or surgery, or laser treatment.  Laser if it is in the eye...etc...
Being in the lungs I would lean toward chemo or the surgery to remove part of the lung infected, but I am not sure how or where in the lungs these things are all at in your dad.
Your dad has not been sleeping well, he is really hurting badly and is so exhausted.
I'm telling you this because if you do not hear from him in a while it is not because he doesn't love you Chelsea, it is because he is sick. 
I will keep you posted on what we find out from the cardiologist on Wednesday.  If we find out anything at that point, I'll let you know either way.
I'm really worried about both you and your dad. 
We also have an appt with the atty on the 7th of next month, he is having us go over the preliminaries in his office instead of him sending them to us. 
We also got a different vehicle, a Pathfinder, sort of like a blazer.  My neon broke down again and is stuck in a car lot off the highway till I can get it moved back to our house.  I think it's the fly wheel.  ARGH.
Love you tons and heaps.  Miss you greatly.
Love, Jen.

Never Give Up Hope